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2. blankbreath by Rosa & Achim

We invite you to one of our guided breathwork sessions! Get into your body and reset your mind. With every breath, release what doesn't serve you anymore and invite what fulfills your life. Join our Telegram Group to stay up-to-date.

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Blankbreath is our interpretation of conscious connected breathwork. It is similar to holotropic breathwork by Stan Grof, only that you don't take on the role of a sitter but we will guide the room of 15 people through their experience. You will see that no special (spiritual) knowledge or vocabulary is needed to have a deep (breathing) experience. We keep it easy! You only need your connected breath, so you do not hold your breath or influence your breath through any techniques (as it’s the case within Wim Hof Method or Pranayama yoga). The sessions are well supported by theme-specific music sets of 60 to 70 minutes, which we create for you. We love and owe a lot to this type of breathwork and want to thank Klaus and Vidya Ulbricht for their training and inspiration. Rosa & Achim ♥

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